The brand

We chose the name LogicoBio based on the idea of the company and the products we wanted to create. The vegetables have to be rigorously organic and the organization strives to be fluid and logic, just as nature, that evolving and regenerating expresses its best, respecting millenarian rules.

We wanted rationality and nature to go hand in hand in our logo, because that image represents the perfect synthesis of the two souls of the company: the organic one, that follows the ancient rules of nature, and the logical one, that aims at process innovation. Both of them are necessary to grant consumers a fresh, genuine and tasty product.

Everything that is logic, is also natural, organic as life is. And everything that is organic comes from the logical flow of life.

Our story

LogicoBio was founded in 2015 by bringing together companies and people with dierent professional backgrounds, joined by the will to promote excellent agricultural products and the passion for quality food.

With LogicoBio we intend to offer all consumers a full range of products, 100% Italian and with the very high standards required by the organic protocol.

The Company

The company can boast among its shareholders, in addition to the management that has invested directly in the activity, the O.P. Ortofrutticola Jonica Scarl, both industrial and financial partner, that for the last 10 years ,with his brand JonicaBio, operates in the production and marketing trade of organic products, mostly for export.

LogicoBio has a production plant in Ginosa (Taranto – Puglia) and a young, dynamic and cohesive management team.
The different “expertise” allow to oversee all of the aspects of the company in an exceptional way: from the production to the processing, from the image of the products up to the marketing.

Product Management

LogicoBio grants its consumers the highest quality standard thanks to an integrated system of production based on vegetables’ freshness and on machines that transform them into genuine and healthy juices, in order to meet the simplicity of artisanal production with the highest level of industrial production safety.

Vegetables are harvested in the fields surrounding the production site in Ginosa (Ta) and then immediately put into the production cycle.